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long range shooting and custom rifle building podcast

Feb 19, 2021

Episode 74 - Choosing the right binoculars, don't take it lightly!  There is more to think about than just the quick glance and feel we usually apply when purchasing this really important item.  Also, new and exciting news about the new armory opening soon!

Feb 5, 2021

Episode 73 - A solution to helping correct the current ammo, powder and primer crisis!  As shooters and hunters, we are vulnerable to those outside our world when they decide to jump in and take advantage of a vulnerable situation.  This profiteering goes on more than you know and is more organized than ever.  We hold...

Jan 22, 2021

Episode 72 - Making the case for the 22 Creedmoor!  In this episode we discuss what might be one of the best cartridges to come about in decades.  The 22 Creedmoor has been flying under the radar for years and with the advent of a whole new line of bullets is poised take the hunting and shooting world by storm.

Jan 14, 2021

Episode 71 - The health of the outdoor industry in America!  Corporate greed, the copying of best practices and a market ripe for the picking.  Our outdoor industry is in trouble!  The closing of American facilities in favor of cheaper overseas labor is putting lesser quality products on our shores while still asking...

Jan 7, 2021

Episode 70 - Preparing for the Match, part 4. Training more efficiently and effectively while using less ammo!  The 2021 shooting season is upon us with ammo and reloading components in short supply.  You can still train and obtain great improvements.  Learning to train efficiently and effectively is more important now...